Down lights/LED

Installing Halogen Down-lights at home advantages

Advantages of using halogen down-lights
Below are the advantages:

  • The effect of a higher ceiling, halogen down-ligts make an area feel spacious
  • A dimmer will allow you to control the brightness
  • Halogen down-lights are the type of globes that can be set up in a variety of viewpoint beams which allows you to handle or to use any halogen down-light features in your home

Considerations when using down-lights

  • Halogen down-lights can ignite fire when they are set up incorrectly, therefore it is important to know how they are properly installed
  • They can produce heat (up to 370), this is why a proper wall mount is needed, away from ceiling insulations
  • To reduce the risk of a fire occurring, extraordinary fire shields are available to use during down-light assembly.
  • To install, to repair/check halogen down-lights, a skilled electrician is highly recommended

Be mindful that average halogen down-lights are not the most essential or a good choice, mainly if there are various units to install. Given that a 50 watt halogen down-light can certainly operate on 65 watt capacity. Thus, around 15 watt power energy is dropped through using the transformer.

Dimming halogen down-lights – more power will be saved
Very great news! Power saving down-lights are becoming which offer much wider and expanded light source compared to halogen bulbs, which is great for overall lighting.

LED down-light usage is economical and efficient enough for the long term
LED down-lights produce much less heat than compared to standard lights, meaning they endure more use (50 times longer) and simply means that any cooling equipment does not need to over-work. LED down-lights are the newly found technology which enables you to save as much as 90% on your light expense. The majority of people do not spend much time thinking of lighting and how it is associated with energy expense at their home, thus if they knew the advantages and how it helps, they would save lots in terms of saving energy lighting.

Try to position over benches and lounge chairs where possible to avoid shadows. Place in rows that line up.
300 – 600mm from walls
1100 – 1600mm between lights for bright areas
1400 – 2000mm between lights for lounge room (not so bright)

Down-lights, a reliable way to brighten up homes
We know the sudden house fires that occur due to heat produced by the build-up of halogen down-lights, due to insulation installed incorrectly, thus producing flammable material. Thus, the main issue is not always the light fitting – down-light installation is quite often the issue. In order to stop fire hazards, or an insulation coating down-light component – heat engines can protect the down-lights’ component, placed in the roof cavity of your home.

Capability of Down-lights – setting up a room, no fittings for hanging lights

  • Modernised way of having more light at home
  • Long lasting and classy, down-lights design is not just one but comes in a variety of modern designs; from white, brushed chrome, chrome silver, bathroom frosted glass and bathroom arctic silver finishes. Down-lights can perfectly match every décor.

To find out how your down-lights should be aligned and to improve your home features, RING US and HAVE A GREAT TALK to our skilled electricians!

  • The aluminium risk-free heat coat wraps the heat at the back of the halogen diachronic lamp, thus eliminating the risk of excessive heat.
  • It gives a harmless distance from all variations of insulation. The present Australian/New Zealand Rules AS/NZS3000 designate the least clearance for halogen recessed down-lights of 200mm amid the down-light and fundamental members, thermal efficiency and some substance, until finally the luminance contains a fire proof zone, properly installed insulation.