Electricial Services Artarmon

Whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, you need a reliable company to provide you with general or maintenance related electrical services. In relation to this, here are some general questions we have answered for you.

Why is there a need for general electrical services for your home or office? Why should maintenance be checked regularly for electrical components?

The answer is simple. Like all other items, even electrical lines, wirings, cables, and sockets, they grow old over time. Thus, there is a need to have them checked in order to find faults and issues which can be attended to right away. before they worsen and/or cause more harm. Malfunctioning electrical elements may cause fire, explosions, can damage appliances and properties, and may even be life threatening when not repaired immediately. Thus, all these prove that there is a need for regularly general maintenance checks of electrical components of a home or office.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, general electrical services and preventive maintenance can help achieve the following:

  • Business flow interruptions are greatly lowered
  • The life span of equipment and appliances are extended
  • The cost of electrical utilities are reduced
  • Repair fees are decreased, if not completely eliminated
  • Improving power quality or the use of power at its maximum potential to benefit many without or with minimised remarkable loss recorded

What constitutes a general or preventative maintenance service?

A general or preventative maintenance service is often completed with the following elements involved:

  • Inspection of all electrical details
  • Testing of all working and non-working elements
  • Analysing power quality
  • Diagnostics of current, voltage, etc.
  • Other elements including infra-red thermograph plus de-energzsed and ultrasonic services
  • Documentation

How can you find a reliable company to provide your general or maintenance related electrical service needs?

There are only a few elements you need to check. The four ‘E’s’ when it comes to electrical services. These include experience, expertise, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Find a company with years of experience, particularly in your location, when it comes to offering electrical services.


The expertise of a company’s service men matters a lot. Make sure to trust only professionals who are highly skilled, trained, and certified in their craft. Aside from being experts in this field, electricians should be completely insured as well to prevent a subscriber from being burdened with additional expenses in case anything happens.


The quality and effectiveness of an electrical service company is evident through the reviews, comments, and testimonies of those who have previously used their services.


Efficiency refers to the amount of time it takes for a service to be completed as well as the cost in terms of rates and fees. A company should deliver general and maintenance related services within a reasonable time frame and with a matching justifiable rate. An efficient company should also provide an immediate upfront quote with no hidden charges and extra fees. You pay only the service offered to you and can already have an idea of how much it is going to cost.

All of these elements combined, our Electricians Artarmon company has been serving this area and nearby locations for over 15 years. We employ only expert electricians. Read what our loyal customers have to say about our services and know that we provide general and maintenance related work that is both time effective and cost efficient. You can rely upon our experience, expertise, effectiveness, and efficiency.